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You can still play the game but the prizes have been sent out.  A new challenge will be launched in the coming weeks. We have 5 more Book Games, MojoHeads, BRAiN VOMiTS Flowers and Women and Weapons to give away. Follow us on Twitter for details of when challenges launch.


“Sophie recently visited 3 cities and she wants you to guess what cities they were.

If you go chat with Sophie she will give you 3 hints to help guess the city she was in. All you have to do is to say “Sophie give me the first hint for city number one”.

If you get stuck and need another clue say “Sophie give me the second hint for city number one”. If you need a third clue say “Sophie give me the third hint for city number one”. At any time you think you know the city I visited you can ask me to confirm it by saying “Sophie is the city, and say the name” If it is I will say yes if it is wrong I will ask you to guess again.

Repeat this process for the second and third cities. For example “Sophie give me the first hint for the second city”. And so on. If you have any questions you can ask Sophie on Twitter or message the team in Discord.

Once you have all 3 cities click the button to the right to submit your answers.

Remember, anyone can play but you must own an I Am Sophie to win.



To begin click on the button below and tell Sophie you want to play “Where In The World Is Sophie”.

Have Fun!


Prizes have already been won as of 4/5/22. Congratulations to the winners!

1st place – Book Games Token

2nd Place – MojoHeads


What is the "Where Is Sophie Challenge"?

The “Where Is Sophie Challenge” is something that the team put together for our community to have a little fun. We have plans to create a more advanced scavenger hunt version of this in the future so this small challenge is a great way for us to test what does and doesn’t work.

What do I need to play?

To play you need to click “Let’s Chat” with Sophie on our home page and then ask Sophie to give you the clues.

Who can win?

While everyone can play the prizes are reserved for I Am Sophie holders only. You can mint an I Am Sophie on our website

How do I mint an I Am Sophie?

Go to our homepage and click the “mint” button.

When will prizes be dropped?

As soon as possible. We will review the answers coming in and as soon as we have verified the winner we will be contacting them to airdrop them their prize.

I have questions where can I get help?

The best place is to go to our discord here

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