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I Am sophie roadmap

Our Mission

2021 was the year of NFT art. People were launching projects which were simply static images, some beautiful art and some just pixelated graphics. These NFT’s have very little utility. We believe that a shift is happening and 2022 will be known as the year utility of NFT’s became priority. We decided to take it to the next level and explore what utility we could build into NFT’s.

It is our mission to make NFT’s that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also to explore what utility is possible with them. We will begin with the basics, NFT’s that provide access to events and groups. From there we will develop games and competitions. 

We also believe that the community coming on this journey with us needs to receive value at each step of the way. With each project we constantly ask ourselves how can we deliver more value to our hodlers.

Who knows how far we can go with this and it all begins with I Am Sophie.

Giving Back

Kid’s companion for children’s hospital.

We all know that when we are going through a tough time talking to people can help us process how we are feeling. Research has shown that sometimes people feel more comfortable talking to a digital human rather than a real person. In these scenarios people feel safer opening up about traumatic experiences. They know that the digital human will never judge them, nor share their information with anyone else. When a child gets sick a lot of their world changes and sometimes they need help processing what they feel. 

Hospitals and medical staff that are focusing their time on healing the child physically and don’t always have the time or resources to help the child process the emotional trauma of the scenario they are going through. This is where we come in. Uneeq (Sophie’s creator) has extensive experience working with rugby legend John Kirwan and his mental health company Mentemia. Mentemia’s sole purpose is to give people support around their mental health – whenever they need it. We want to develop a digital character which will be AI just like Sophie but designed around fun interaction that helps with anxiety and much needed distraction during a very hard time for kids and their families. These projects are not easily funded but with these projects on Sophie’s roadmap we will take 8% of total sales from each project to build out this project.

I Am Sophie – March 2022

The NFT that gives you access to the whole roadmap. 

Sophie is a digital human and arguably the most recognisable digital human in the world. She has worked with top tier companies like IBM, BMW, Vodafone and Deloitte and she has broken barriers with what digital humans can do. One example is by becoming the first AI powered digital model to take to the fashion runway. During the 2019 New Zealand Fashion Week Sophie “walked the runway”  by modeling for New Zealand designer Salasai.

Imagine if we created collectors cards (think baseball cards) for celebrities and you could have got your hands on a Tom Hanks card before his first movie came out. Or you got Jennifer Anniston’s card when Friends first hit TV screens. What would those cards be worth today? Sophie is no different in that she is becoming the world’s first digital human celebrity. Today only a few people know her face but in the future Sophie will be a household name. Buying into this NFT project allows you to own a piece of history. As Sophie’s popularity grows and more and more companies “hire” Sophie to represent their brand, you have the opportunity to own a piece of that history.

Sophie is launching her first project in March 2022. Everyone who mints and “I Am Sophie” will receive an NFT which is a short video of Sophie saying a phrase (because when you have an AI powered digital human a still image isn’t enough). Holding an I Am Sophie in your wallet gives you either access, guaranteed whitelist spots, additional NFT’s or other advantages to all the projects in the roadmap below.

The Very First One Beta – April 2022

A simple version of The Very First One (see below). Answer 3 clues in the fastest time and win the prize. This race will be exclusively for I Am Sophie holders with prizes of Book Games, Brain Vomits Flowers, MojoHeads and other NFT’s. 

Once we have verified a player holds an I Am Sophie NFT they will be able to ask Sophie for the first clue. They then have to search the web for the answer. Once they think they have the answer they return and tell Sophie. Sophie will confirm if they are correct or not and if they get it right they will they will be given Clue #2 and repeat the process. If they get it wrong Sophie will send them off to hunt for the right answer. The first people to submit all 3 clues will win. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

The Very First One – Q2 2022

Most people have heard of a scavenger hunt or seen the popular TV show The Amazing Race. We thought what if we can bring that to the digital world. So we created The Very First One.

Over several days clues will be dropped and each day players must race to solve the clues and stop the clock. Every player’s time will be tracked and displayed on a leaderboard for all to see. At the end of the race the top players will win prizes of NFT’s airdropped to their wallet. Although we can’t say what the prizes are just yet, we can say they will be highly sought after NFT’s.

I Am Sophie holders will have significant advantages throughout the competition with either secret clues, skipped challenges, discounted entrance fees and more.

Sophie – The Art Studio Experience – Q3 2022 

A step towards bringing the metaverse to life. Holders of an original I Am Sophie will be invited to meet her at her art studio in the metaverse. Through an interactive conversation Sophie will uncover your preferred art style and, using AI, will generate you a 1/1 Art By Sophie NFT which will be airdropped to your wallet for free! Only I Am Sophie holders will be able to have this experience.

DJ Karl – Q3 2022

What would it look like to attend a show in the metaverse? Well Mark Zuckerberg might not have the metaverse ready just yet but we still think we can experience some of what it might feel like. DJ Karl is a digital human just like Sophie except he is a super cool DJ and will be performing a live show. You can attend in person or you can attend online and I Am Sophie gets you exclusive perks. 

Holders of I Am Sophie will be given whitelist access to purchase the NFT tickets to the show at discounted prices. People who don’t hold I Am Sophie NFT’s will still be able to get tickets but they won’t be able to get on the whitelist and they won’t get the discounted prices.

The Very Second One – Q4 2022

Following on from our first race on Q2 we will launch a second race with new clues, upgraded tasks and bigger and better prizes.


Thanks for taking the time to read our roadmap. This is just the beginning. We strongly believe that it is our community that is going to make this a success and we intend to deliver the best value that we can.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to us through Sophie’s twitter account and through our discord. 

And remember WAGMI!!!!!

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